Central Texas Private Flights


Merlin One was created to meet the travel needs of its owner and founder. Aircraft ownership and fractional programs were and remain too expensive to rationalize and the "hassle factor" and inflexibility of commercial airline service is no longer a suitable option. Utilizing experience gained through a lifetime in aviation a solution emerged. The Merlin One structure is a Part 135 charter whereby clients pay a fixed monthly fee for a specified block of hours and when using the aircraft, pay for fuel, crew and crew expenses. This model provides Merlin One with consistent cash flow allowing us to operate on thin margins with savings passed on to clients. There are no up-front advance payments or hidden sur-charges of any kind.

Merlin One, unlike most charter operators, owns its aircraft and we take great pride in the condition and appearance of each.

Our Captains are either retired commercial airline pilots, or retired U.S. Air Force, Navy or Marine aviators, generally both. Each is also selected based on an understanding of customer service and privacy.


With convenient bases in Austin, Dallas, Houston and headquarters in San Antonio, our core market includes those companies and individuals with travel requirements originating in Central Texas. By eliminating the overhead of a national presence and focusing on two aircraft types, the Merlin and the Lear Jet, Merlin One is able to offer its clients unparalleled cost savings, superior service and flexibility.


We are proud of our perfect safety record. The safety of our clients and guests is the driving force behind every decision at Merlin One. This is why our Merlin and Lear Jet fleet is equipped with the latest in moving map GPS, traffic avoidance, terrain awareness and satellite weather systems. Our maintenance is done in-house, is uncompromising and performed by licensed A&P mechanics with years of Merlin and Lear Jet experience.


Getting our clients where they want to go and when is just the beginning. Merlin One is committed to unparalleled personalized service. Clients define the in-flight experience and we deliver it. Catering is always on us. Let us know what you would like on board, how you define luxury and we’ll make it happen. We are not in the business of meeting client expectation but surpassing it every single time you fly with us. One call to your personal concierge is all it takes.


No crowds, no lines, no layovers, no pat-downs. Private terminals provide charter jet travelers the luxury of avoiding the noise, crowds, long lines and frustration that plague every major commercial airport in the world. At Merlin One park your car planeside, board and within minutes you are taking off to your destination.


Fast and fuel efficient, the Merlin is the obvious choice for flights in and around Texas. It features enough room for six-to-eight adults, a private lavatory, plenty of luggage space, 270 knot cruise speed and range to cross Texas. The Merlin cabin offers more than twice the baggage capacity and nearly double the cabin pressurization of its nearest competitor. Bottom line clients arrive at their destination rested and relaxed. The Merlin series aircraft have been proven over years of commuter, corporate, military and cargo applications worldwide.


Our Lear 35A’s and Lear 60 are almost twice as fast as the Merlin. The 35A is considered a light jet but has the speed and range to fly non-stop from central Texas to Boston or Seattle. The Lear 60, considered a mid-size jet as even more range than the 35A and gets you there in stand-up headroom comfort. Both types are ideal for our operation as they comfortably extend our reach far beyond that of the Merlin.