Getting To Know: Scott Neifert

Scott Neifert M1 Chief Pilot

Scott Neifert is the Chief Pilot at Merlin One.
Scott started his aviation career in 1983 at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) in Daytona Beach, FL. Two years and 8 months later he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Aeronautical Science to go along with his degree in Computer Science from Penn State.

Scott then earned a Commercial Instrument, Certified Flight Instructor, and Dispatcher’s Certificates at ERAU. He then became a flight instructor but soon moved to a Part 135 charter operator flying King Air E-90’s out of Denver. Most of the operations in Denver were single pilot air ambulance missions often at night in the mountainous regions of Colorado. It wasn’t long before he moved into right seat of the Learjet 35 and soon thereafter became a LearJet captain.  Scott has accumulated over 2,200 hours as captain in the Lear 35.

After 7 years in Denver, Scott decided to try the airlines. He was hired as a First Officer on the Boeing 747 with Evergreen International Airlines. At Evergreen, Scott became a world traveler. The 18-day circuit would take him from JFK, or Dover, to places like Ramstein, Germany, Nairobi, Kenya, Harare, Zimbabwe, Johannesburg, Dubai and many other international destinations. Scott is one of a small group of pilots that has flown scheduled commercial flights through North Korean airspace.

Two years of seeing the world was a real eye-opening experience for Scott. Scott then went back to flying domestic charter flights eventually moving to San Antonio. Scott served as the Chief Pilot for a local air ambulance operator shortly before joining the Merlin One team.

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