Getting to Know: Brian Hough

Getting to Know… Brian Hough
Brian Hough runs the maintenance operations of Merlin One and Learjet Leasing. He has been associated with us since July 2013. Previously, he worked for our engine vendor, Turbine Standard/Toledo Jet, as a TPE331 engine repair specialist and Hangar Supervisor.

While visiting Toledo Jet in Spring 2013 the owner and friend, Dave Corwin, introduced me to Brian and mentioned that his real objective was to get back to Texas. The rest is history.

Brian has extensive experience in two airframe types; the Merlin and the Lear and two engine types; the TPE331 that powers the Merlin and the TFE731 that powers the Lear 35. Hmmm, sounds like a pretty good fit!

It’s unusual to find mechanics that excel at both airframe and engine maintenance as specializations in one, or the other, are the norm. Brian not only has this broad spectrum of expertise but is also pretty sharp on electronics (avionics) and builds a mean guitar.

Brian started his aviation career with the USAF in 1977 working on the A-7D and the A-10A Thunderbolt (another Fairchild product).

His Merlin and TPE331 expertise comes from various stints with Merlin operators and Part 141 maintenance  facilities, specializing in the Merlin, commencing in 1982.

Brian’s Lear and TFE731 experience was garnered while spending eight years as Director of Maintenance for Travelaire Services, a Pueblo Colorado based operator of Lear 25, 35 and 55’s.

Brian lives at Canyon Lake and finds the peace and serenity there calming after a busy day at Merlin One.

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