Merlin1’s Customer Service Team

Merlin 1 would like to introduce our new customer service team. Cassey Diehl, Kylie Bottensek and Priscilla Pesina are here to take calls, plan trips, deliver quotes, ensure that your favorite food and beverages are on board, answer any questions you may have while ensuring our customers and guests continue to experience the level of customer service that sets Merlin 1 apart.

Casey’s primary focus will be scheduling. Kylie’s primary focus will be customer service, following up with customers after trips and back up scheduling. Priscilla’s primary focus will be catering and greeting customers as they depart and return.

To ensure you reach the right team member, we have added a new program called Ring Central. When you call the Merlin 1 Ops phone, you will be directed to an automated menu and will have to select the option that best suits your call.

Our goal is to provide consistently outstanding customer service. As always, we appreciate your comments.

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