Open Seats Program




Open Seats on Empty Merlins (OSEM) is an exclusive program available only to Merlin1 customers and their immediate family. OSEM gives you access to an unlimited number of FREE flights on all of our beautiful aircraft, even the Lear 60! Whenever we position a plane, you have the opportunity to fly along at no cost.

All Merlin1 customers will receive an email every Sunday night and Wednesday morning with a schedule of all positioning flights planned over the next ten days. The emails will also contain a link to this page that will list all relevant details. The webpage also includes an option to select a leg and reserve a seat. If you reserve a seat(s), a confirming email will be sent to you.

In the event there is a modification to our empty leg schedule that impacts your reservations, we will notify you immediately via email. In the case of a modified flight, you will have the option of keeping your reservation on the revised leg or canceling the reservation. Keep in mind, this is FREE for all Merlin1 customers! Please note the following:

  1. Email will be the only method of communication for OSEM.
  2. You can access the empty-leg schedule at any time by visiting the OSEM Upcoming Flights page.
  3. Changes and cancellations are possible, even at the last minute. Please check your spam or junk folders for the email and add the sender as a contact to avoid missing the email. Also, check your email before your flight for any last minute changes.
  4. OSEM includes all of our Learjets.
  5. OSEM seats are completely free of charge!  It’s one of the ways we say thank you for your business.
  6. OSEM seats are available to Merlin1 customers, family, and co-workers.

Every time you take a free flight, the value proposition of your fixed-price agreement increases!  We are very excited about being able to offer you OSEM and will be working to continually improve the program.  If you have any questions or comments, please email us at